That one time I was a guest on The Angry Millennial Show!

Guess what everyone?!?! I Did another Podcast! This time it's with the awesome folks over at The Angry Millennial Show (aka Jose Rosado...GO SAY HI!!) We Basically were huge photo nerds for an hour or three and had a blast talking about the industry and awesome people! So if you're awesome, you should go have a listen also!!

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EP81: David J. Crewe // bit.ly/ep81-david-j-crewe


On this episode of The Angry Millennial, we're chatting with commercial landscape + portrait photographer, David J. Crewe


David is a career journeyman with stints in movie production, IT, working as a QA Engineer, a business development manager for Phlearn, before finally going full-time with photography and becoming a Manfrotto Imagine More Ambassador along with creating educational content for Photofocus + Resource Magazine


We chat about how we finally properly met + hung out atWPPI Online, being yet another #‎Canadian we know through the show like Renee Robyn Photography, what is was like working for Phlearn so early on, how a series of his inspired and episode of Warehouse 13 on Syfy and more on this episode of The Angry Millennial.

That One Time I Did A Podcast (or 2)

So, some fun new things are coming on the podcast scene! New interviews with Photofocus and The Angry Millennial as well as something completely new and fun that will be announced in a week or two! :) In honor of the new upcoming podcasts, I thought i'd share some previously un-posted (by me) episodes i've already been on!

Hope you enjoy.

Don't let your photography business get left behind

Episode #96: Interview with David J. Crewe (38 minutes)

Summary of Discussion Topics: 

  • How to be GIVEN success: Be a part of various groups, network, be around like-minded people, and develop in-person relationships.
  • Where to begin when starting out – you should be social and make a point of getting out to international tradeshows.
  • Understanding that change is good and you need to continuously be updating and building your portfolio.
  • Why in order to succeed you cannot be shy or afraid of rejection.
  • How to not fall into the pattern of mediocrity and remain “hungry”.
  • In the buyer’s market, desires needs and wants for images are changing everyday and you have to learn to keep up.
  • You can learn things you never would have thought to try to learn about simply by meeting new people.
  • The importance of getting involved volunteering – David got his job by volunteering.
  • When to say “yes” or “no” to a volunteering opportunity and how to manage your time between projects.
  • The business benefits of volunteering.
  • Get more out of your relationships by changing your mindset from “what am I getting out of it” to “what can I give”.
  • The importance of concentrating on the long-term gains when it comes to your creative career – don’t focus on what/where you can get in the next 10 minutes.
  • A new take on work-life balance: your work is your life when you truly love what you are doing.
  • Your photography career should excite you everyday – if it doesn’t, try a different genre or specialty.
  • Take the various techniques from different genres you’ve tried and put them into your favourite genre/specialty.
  • The difference between “copying” and getting inspiration to hone your own unique style.
  • David’s advice: always test the waters and try anything, you never know what you’ll learn.


ReWrap Episode #21: The Importance of Maintaining Relationships


This week we welcomed David J. Crewe to the podcast, a Chicago-based landscape and portrait photographer as well as accomplished timelapser, to discuss the merits of travel, funding your adventures, and the importance of meeting new people and maintaining relationships with them over the long term. David is perhaps the most “rolodex-minded” person we know, and he gives us a look into how he became this way and why it is critically important to value each and every relationship you find yourself in. It’s basically supercharged networking. So let’s get at it!