Discounts! Get your red hot discounts! (Also some great resources)

I've spent the last few years working with a ton of different companies, vendors, and educational such...I've also gotten a bunch of deals to share! Thus this post. I'll have this made sticky and update it as things change and get added/removed. 

In the mean time, please enjoy and make use of all the awesome products, education, and discounts you can find here. 

Thanksgiving Weekend Sales!

So it's Black Friday - Cyber Monday weekend, and there's a TONNNNNNNNN of sales going on out there. So to help save the sanity of my photographer and videographer friends i've decided to compile a list of some great deals all in one place!

To start things off we'll launch with the latest and greatest Tutorial from the team at RGG EDU!

Sports Photography & retouching with Tim Tadder!

Have you ever had an "AHA" moment in photography? Something that changed the way you approach a subject, a light, or post-production? That's what we've created in our newest tutorial and we're excited to share it with you. Tim Tadder is one of the leading image makers in the world and left nothing behind in this tutorial documentary about his approach to creating an image and philosophy behind creating images. He's actually the most appreciated photographer on Behance.

We're excited to bring this tutorial to you on Black Friday with our biggest discount we've given on an opening day launch. Use the code BF1 to save 25% off his 20+ hour tutorial. Be sure to check out the full Black Friday Bundle and Save Deals over there and take part in their insane giveaways!

Make sure to go through their whole library as the RGGEDU team has covered everything from Food Photography, Products, Fashion, Portraits, and much much more!

Next we have not one, but FOUR awesome tutorials available from the incredible team at the ALL on sale now!


Master Dodge & Burn - use promo code BFMDB80 for $80 OFF = $89

Color Grade - use promo code BFCG20 for $20 OFF = $69

Go Pro: Studio Beauty - use promo code BFMBP120 for $120 OFF = $79

Beauty Retouch Panel - $20 OFF = $49

First up we have the awesome GO PRO: Studio Beauty Video Course

Go Pro: Studio Beauty video training by Julia Kuzmenko McKim and Aleksey Dovgulya In this training we will cover: CHAPTER I: INTRO & PREPARATION CHAPTER II: FLAWLESS EXECUTION CHAPTER III: LIGHTING SETUPS For full table of contents please visit our product page: 

Buy Now

Second, the incredibly detailed Color Grade Video Course by Michael Woloszynowicz! Our brand new 8-lesson intensive course on color grading in Adobe Photoshop for portrait, beauty and fashion photographers and retouchers with Michael Woloszynowicz. Color grading is the process of altering and enhancing the color of a motion picture, video or, in our case, a digital image. Although every step of your retouching workflow is important, color grading has the potential to be the most impactful one and can easily make or break your final result. With skillful color grading you can make your images to pop off the page even with the simplest subject matter. Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced Duration: 3h 37m Practice Files: Layered .PSD files are provided for your analysis and practice Additional Materials: Digital Guide + Michael’s Custom Actions Learn more here: Our goal when creating this course was to provide you with a solid system and a set of versatile and intuitive color grading tools to help you masterfully color grade your personal and client work. Not only do we want you to understand what specific tools to use, but more importantly when and why to use them.

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Third, we have the Master Dodge & Burn Video Course by Michael Woloszynowicz!  In this 4-part intensive course we’ll be taking a deep dive into one of the most important tools and techniques in retouching known as Dodging and Burning. Our goal when creating this course was to provide you with real-world, non-destructive retouching workflows to help you create beautiful, natural looking images and elevate your knowledge of D&B and retouching in general. Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced Duration: 3:35 hours

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Fourth, and Lastly, we have the Beauty Retouch Panel by Julia Kuzmenko-McKim! To update your old RA Panels please login to your Member Area on our website using the User ID with which you initially purchased Beauty Retouch panel. Download the new installation packages, which include the updated panels as well as the new User Manual. More videos on how to use the panel and its new features are coming! Stay tuned!

Don't miss out on some the industries BEST education and training out there!!!!!

Now it's time for some fun stuff! Lately i've been playing with an awesome tool called Plotagraph Pro!

I've only had my hands on this application for about a solid 24 hours at the time of writing this, but i'm already in LOVE! It lets you take your still images and create a motion image, or "cinemagraph". Quickly, and easily animate your photos to create something captivating and truly is the future of advertising, marketing, and social media content! In the day and age of everyone having an incredible camera, it takes something special to make a viewer stop and take in your's where Plotagraph comes in!

"More people than ever are getting their entertainment and information from their mobile devices. This provides opportunities and challenges for both marketers and companies trying to get their information out in a relevant way without being drown out by all of the competition. When creating a campaign its also important to know what platform and size the content will be viewed. Images that are on small screens need to have more movement than content that is shown on a large billboard. Studies show that people not only respond better to Dynamic Content but also retain information and learn better through moving images. The Plotagraph® Team not only creates top notch artistic content but we are also pros at knowing the proper speed and file exports for the appropriate platform. In the past year All of the major social media platforms now accept either animated gifs or looping videos. No matter what website or social media platform we have the perfect export at the best compression for you. It's exciting to think about the future of marketing, advertising and social media. We are happy to do our part in helping to make it more Dynamic."

Check out a few of the images i've created in just a few minutes each! Personally I can't wait to spend more time with the application and become a master with it!

Try the free Demo available here and if you're interested in trying the PRO account out (which I highly recommend), use the Coupon Code - CREWE for 10% off your membership! As an added bonus, sign up this weekend for a PRO membership and get a $50 Amazon Gift card!!!!

Still looking for more awesome?

If you know me, then you know I like to Timelapse nearly everywhere I visit.  Well a tool I ALWAYS use is an awesome Lightroom Plugin and Extension App called LRTimelapse

I could go on for hours and hours about how useful and timesaving and powerful this application is, but I'll let these videos speak for themselves!  Click this link here to learn more;

Save up to 70% on Macphun Apps like Luminar & Aurora HDR Pro!

Take a look at how Luminar edits different types of your photos. To learn more about, visit:

I've worked with the Macphun team now for several years and can honestly say they make some of the most powerful and easy to use photo editing applications for Mac's on the market! Click this link to learn more and SAVE A TON this weekend; 

Want to save 20% on Gear Rentals from Borrowlenses?!?!

This one's real simple! Just click the image below and use the code BFUSED20 to save your money! 

MAGMOD Black Friday deals

Save up to 20% on all products, get a FREE MagGrip or MagGel wallet and get a $30 Bonus Gift Card on orders over $300! Click here to learn more;

Want even more amazing?  Well the team at Photofocus has put together an insane list of products available at great discounts here! 

Find discounts from vendors like ThinkTAP Learn, Athentech, Drobo, B&H, Platypod Pro, and more!

Seeking even more educational resources?  Well my old team at Phlearn is having a 30% off sale this whole weekend!

Use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY to get 30% off everything in their store!!! Click here for more info;

Save on Capture One Pro by Phase One!

Save 10% on Capture One Pro with the coupon code AMBCREWE

Use Coupon Code: AMBCREWE for 10% off!!!

Use Coupon Code: AMBCREWE for 10% off!!!

Do you know of some more deals going on this week? Post them in the comments below and i'll update them all weekend long! Cheers and happy shopping!!!

That one time I was a guest on The Angry Millennial Show!

Guess what everyone?!?! I Did another Podcast! This time it's with the awesome folks over at The Angry Millennial Show (aka Jose Rosado...GO SAY HI!!) We Basically were huge photo nerds for an hour or three and had a blast talking about the industry and awesome people! So if you're awesome, you should go have a listen also!!

Be sure to Like/Share/Subscribe on all of the links below;

EP81: David J. Crewe //


On this episode of The Angry Millennial, we're chatting with commercial landscape + portrait photographer, David J. Crewe


David is a career journeyman with stints in movie production, IT, working as a QA Engineer, a business development manager for Phlearn, before finally going full-time with photography and becoming a Manfrotto Imagine More Ambassador along with creating educational content for Photofocus + Resource Magazine


We chat about how we finally properly met + hung out atWPPI Online, being yet another #‎Canadian we know through the show like Renee Robyn Photography, what is was like working for Phlearn so early on, how a series of his inspired and episode of Warehouse 13 on Syfy and more on this episode of The Angry Millennial.

Tips for Better Landscape Photos - Via Macphun

Here's another from my series of Educational blogs with Macphun!  Be sure to check them all out on

A truly compelling landscape image should captivate anyone who catches a glimpse of it. Every landscape photographer wants to create images that are breathtaking and epic. But how do we capture amazing landscape images, and how do we make them our own? It’s not as hard as you think, it just takes a bit of practice and a lot of adventure! Here are some tips that will have you on your journey...

Max your Depth of Field

This could be the most important part of landscape photography. The depth of Field can be a tricky subject to master since it takes into consideration aperture, focal length, and your subject distance. A smaller aperture (f/5.6 or lower) means only the area you focus on will be sharp, where a larger aperture (f/8 or higher) means everything from the foreground to the background will be sharp (or in focus).

Sometimes a narrow or small Depth of Field can create an interesting or beautiful story, but normally a good approach is to make sure as much of your scene is in focus as possible. Keep in mind that a higher f-stop means less light is hitting your sensor, so you’ll need to pay attention to your ISO or shutter speeds to ensure you capture enough light.

If you run into problems with digital noise - speckled or grainy patterns that arise in low-light shooting conditions - turn to  Noiseless to clean up your images with a click or two, while maintaining details!

Use a Tripod

Often times with landscape images you’ll be shooting in challenging lighting situations. By challenging, we mean you’ll be shooting with slow shutter speeds and/or HDR brackets to ensure you capture all the details you need. During this you’ll need to find a way to make your camera completely still during the exposures. Even if you’re able to shoot a fast shutter speed, the practice of using a tripod can be beneficial. You may even want to use a cable or wireless shutter release/remote to add another level of stability to your shot.

Capturing the best image you can gives you more options to stylize and make the photo truly your own. Tools like  Intensify, which will let you selectively emphasize fine details. Or a black and white conversion app like  Tonality, will let you achieve a unique look — even a fine art vision — for your photo.


Composition / Find a Focal Point

Just like Depth of Field, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to lining up and framing your shot. The important thing is capturing the look of the scene that matches your creative vision. However, it’s still best to go into your shoot with a few guidelines in mind.

All shots need something to pull them together, a focal point that draws your eyes to it. A landscape photo without a focal point feels empty and leaves your eye wandering around the image looking for something that catches your attention.

Your focal point can be anything from a building, a tree, a mountain, or even a silhouette! The point is to have one thing that catches your attention, and then frame that properly. Place your subject following the “rule of thirds” (or crop afterwards) and you will find yourself with a much more compelling image. Find a leading line that will make the viewer follow you to your true subject matter. Include a foreground that emphasizes the point of interest of the shot.

*TIP* Even when shooting at a high aperture, you should still manually select a focus point to ensure you really focus on what’s captured YOUR interest. This way you can be sure the autofocus isn’t accidently selecting something closer or further away.

Change your Point of View

Changing the point of view, or perspective, that you shoot from can help you create a much more interesting photograph. Capturing your scene from a view that’s not normally seen, making it your own view or vision, can help you draw your viewers in.

To make a scene even more interesting in post, use a tool like  FX Photo Studio to apply creative color effects with one click.

Look Up!

Another element to consider is the sky in your images! Most landscapes will have a dominating foreground or sky... and unless you have one or the other, the image can be pretty boring. If your sky is bland and boring, don’t let it dominate your shot and place it in the upper third of your shot. If your sky is far more interesting than your foreground, then do the opposite and place your horizon lower.

You can enhance your skies with filters (polarizing or neutral density) at the time of your shoot, or with Aurora HDR later on in the post-processing part of your workflow.

Capture Movement!

When most people think of landscapes they think of calm, static, serene or passive environments. But the truth is, landscapes are rarely completely still and often are rife with motion and weather. Sometimes, that drama and anger of the elements can add an incredible feel to your images, so don’t let the bad weather stand in your way.

Wind pushing trees, waves on a beach, water flowing through a stream, clouds flowing through a city, all are great examples of motion that can enhance a landscape image. Capture them using a longer exposure to create something soft and serene, or use a faster shutter speed to freeze the motion.

With all that motion, sometimes unwanted objects can enter a scene - trash, birds or natural elements that simply distract from the photo you’re making. Use  Snapheal to easily get rid of objects from a scene in seconds. Simply brush over (or “mark”) those items you want removed and click the “Erase” button - it’s that easy.

Do The Right Thing!

A simple thing that often gets overlooked, but is super important, is to always shoot in RAW. This lets you capture as much light and information as possible for your final image. Having the RAW image data will give you the flexibility to let you truly customize your image once you get home.

All of the Macphun apps found in Creative Kit open RAW files directly, or you can use them as plug-ins within your favorite host software such as Photoshop or Lightroom.

*TIP* Bring Neutral Density and Polarizing Filters with you also! These tools will help you control the way the light hits your sensor without the loss of color or sharpness in the scene. Think of them as sunglasses for your camera.

Planning and Patience

Landscape photography takes far more planning and effort than most will lead you to believe. Sometimes you have to camp out a spot for hours and hours over and over again, just to get the light or clouds the right way.

There are so many factors that can get in the way of your dream shot. So it pays to do some research before you travel and make sure you get the right shot.

Check the weather to ensure you get the scene you want: Clouds, rain, storms, or clear blue skies. Be mindful of sunrise & sunset times, as well as the phase of the moon. The amount of time you get for golden hours, as well as the light (or lack of) the moon bounces back can have major impact on your shots.

Keeping all of these things in mind, along with having a healthy dose of patience, will help you get some incredible shots for your portfolio. So, get outdoors, seek adventure, and have fun!