Adobe Premiere

First "Mega-Lapse" Reel

So after shooting a new time lapse clip and putting some music to it, I felt the music was just too good to be used for a single timelapse track, so I went and assembled a "mega-lapse"(as Joe Ercoli called it), of my travels around the US over the last year or so. 

The assembly of this was trying as my computer actually can't handle many of the clips in their native a lot of the assembly was done sort of "blind"....eventually and over time i'll re-do this video to match and I'll be working on a lot more videos moving forward!

Time Lapsing has been a passion and hobby of mine since meeting Michael Shainblum a few years ago, and i've been creating content since then, but have never really pushed the content out anywhere....that changes as of today!  Hope you enjoy this and keep coming back for more.