Happy 100th Birthday to the National Parks Service!

Happy 100th birthday to the National Park Service! In honor of this and the National Park Service Centennial event, I'd like to share some of my favorite images i've taken in some of the Parks i've been too across the United States! One of my favorite things to do is travel and explore so I take every opportunity to adventure and photograph the National Parks....Sadly i've barely been to 1/4 of what the US has to offer yet! Emphasis on the "yet" part though ;) 

I Hope you enjoy these and prints are available if you're interested on my stock site here. 

First "Mega-Lapse" Reel

So after shooting a new time lapse clip and putting some music to it, I felt the music was just too good to be used for a single timelapse track, so I went and assembled a "mega-lapse"(as Joe Ercoli called it), of my travels around the US over the last year or so. 

The assembly of this was trying as my computer actually can't handle many of the clips in their native resolution....so a lot of the assembly was done sort of "blind"....eventually and over time i'll re-do this video to match and I'll be working on a lot more videos moving forward!

Time Lapsing has been a passion and hobby of mine since meeting Michael Shainblum a few years ago, and i've been creating content since then, but have never really pushed the content out anywhere....that changes as of today!  Hope you enjoy this and keep coming back for more.


It's Over :( Alien Skin Exposure Bundle Sale!

Don't forget that the 30% off sale from Alien Skin Software ends on the 30th!  Their latest release is the Exposure X Bundle, which integrates all of their photography apps into one awesome package including Brushes for masking!


Plugins can be insanely powerful additions to your creative arsenal, but you can use them as little or as much as you want! For me, I barely scratch the surface of what most can do, and that's just because i'm set in my retouching ways haha and for me it's all about speeding things up. This is why I love using Exposure for my color grading and final touches. While I _can_ do everything in photoshop, it's just soooo much faster for me to have built a few presets in Alien Skin to achieve the looks I know I want!

For instance, here's a new image of the awesome Oneisha shot in San Diego. 

At this point i've already done my "retouching" and it's only a matter of stylizing the image. so this is where we load up Alien Skin Exposure to do the heavy lifting! 

Now there's a tone of presets already made in here, but for this we're using a recent "warm toned" stylization that i've been using. With just a couple of quick adjustments to line up with where my subject is in the image, and i've got my stylized look of choice!

It's subtle, but with the before/after split screen you can see i've got the look I want. Yes I can achieve the same thing in photoshop, but with this i can save a few presets and have it ready to roll and choose in an instant.

Here's the finished image of the gorgeous Oneisha!

Be Sure to Check out the bundle and Save while you can! Sale ends on Thursday, June 30th, 2016! http://bit.ly/290coKv

Want this preset? Click here to download!

That one time I was a guest on The Angry Millennial Show!

Guess what everyone?!?! I Did another Podcast! This time it's with the awesome folks over at The Angry Millennial Show (aka Jose Rosado...GO SAY HI!!) We Basically were huge photo nerds for an hour or three and had a blast talking about the industry and awesome people! So if you're awesome, you should go have a listen also!!

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EP81: David J. Crewe // bit.ly/ep81-david-j-crewe


On this episode of The Angry Millennial, we're chatting with commercial landscape + portrait photographer, David J. Crewe


David is a career journeyman with stints in movie production, IT, working as a QA Engineer, a business development manager for Phlearn, before finally going full-time with photography and becoming a Manfrotto Imagine More Ambassador along with creating educational content for Photofocus + Resource Magazine


We chat about how we finally properly met + hung out atWPPI Online, being yet another #‎Canadian we know through the show like Renee Robyn Photography, what is was like working for Phlearn so early on, how a series of his inspired and episode of Warehouse 13 on Syfy and more on this episode of The Angry Millennial.