How To Contact Agencies For Model Testing - A New Tutorial By PRO EDU

In the latest tutorial from the team at PRO EDU, they've teamed up with the incredible Elizabeth Wiseman to demystify working with modeling agencies. Covering everything from what language to use to increase your chance of getting a response, how to contact them, and the way they work so you'll have that to use when you start your model testing.

Why is this Important?

Well when you're starting, or even as an established photographer, if you're in a new area, you'll want to build your relationships and portfolio together. It can be intimidating to get started, but once you understand the needs of the agencies and their models as a business, you can confidently go into your shoots knowing exactly what to deliver. This will end up helping you build a better relationship with both the models and agencies, and lead to you getting more work in the area and genre you've chosen!

First let's look into who the instructor is; Elizabeth Wiseman is a fashion and commercial photographer with studios in St. Louis and Knoxville, TN. After achieving a BFA and MA from The University of Tennessee, Wiseman started a studio in St. Louis that has grown to include work in fashion advertising, corporate marketing materials, and entertainment portraits. When not in studio or traveling for projects, Wiseman spends every second with her two boys, Henry and Hugo or tagging along to bookstores with her illustrator husband, Daniel.


As she says in the teaser trailer, she has a unique perspective since she started her career working with these agencies internally and saw what they wanted, and more specifically, what they were not getting, so she decided to just do it herself! And clearly, what she's doing is working.

What Do You Get In this Model Testing tutorial?

For the current sale price of $99, (regularly priced at $149), you will learn first hand from Elizabeth's experience on both the agency and photography sides of model testing. She'll give her an expert perspective on how to contact and collaborate with modeling agencies to produce effective, marketable images for the agency and your portfolio alike. Topics include;

  • How Modeling Agencies Work

  • How to Contact Modeling Agencies and Ask to Work with Models

  • How to Build A Fashion Photography Portfolio

  • How to Contact A Modeling Agency If You've Never Worked with Models

  • Understanding Editorial vs. Commercial Models

  • How to Style Models or Direct a Wardrobe Stylist for Model Testing

  • How to Direct Hair and Makeup Stylists for Model Testing

  • How to Pose Editorial vs. Commercial Models for Model Testing

  • How to Light Editorial vs. Commercial Models for Model Testing

  • Retouching for Model Testing

  • Identifying Your Market & Market Size for Fashion Photography

  • How to Start A Business and Make Money Model Testing

  • And Much More!


Also included are two full-length photo shoots to watch Elizabeth execute a commercial and editorial model test in real time. Additionally added are Elizabeth's Comprehensive Posing Guide, Email Template for Contacting Modeling Agencies, and Model Packing List for Model Testing.

How Is It Structured?

Broken into 5 parts, the tutorial will walk you through the initial phase of getting started and preparing yourself to reach out to the agencies, then breaks into the actual photoshoots working on 2 different styles of shoots/looks for the agencies. (Commercial & Editorial). From there she breaks into the retouching requirements when working with these agencies, and then finally, the business side fundamentals to build your career as a fashion photographer.



Honestly, while it's targeted and meant more for people interested in working specifically in the fashion & editorial world, this tutorial is actually great for ANYONE picking up a camera and hoping to work with people as their subject matter. Regardless of being weddings, portraits, athletic, or if you decide to stay in the fashion world, you'll need to, and want to work with professional agencies and models to build yourself an epic portfolio. This series is great for taking the stress and confusion out of the entire process making it easy for you to get a jump start with your work.

Elizabeth and the PROEDU team make it easy to understand what agencies are looking for and why, showing you what you need to do on set so you can get your winning shots without wasting anyone's time or money. I've been in this industry now for over 9 years, and I can honestly say that even I picked up a lot of great tidbits of information thanks to this tutorial.

Get this tutorial now for only $99!

For additional information on this topic and tutorial, check out the PRO EDU blog and check out the additional "teaser" videos included here in this post.

*Images & Videos shared with permission